[Orchard] Mr. Churro at ION Orchard Basement

The famous churros store from South Korea is finally here in Singapore. Despite having over one hundred outlets in their native country, this is their first outlet opened outside Korea.

Mr. Churro’s outlet at ION Orchard
They have some standard churros on their menu, including original cinnamon dusted ($4.50) and those served in dipping sauce (choices of dark chocolate, custard, or blue berry).

Original Churro


Nutty Churro

Here is their full menu:

All of their churros are 50-cm long. And how can they ensure that it’s 50 cm? Apparently, they count the number of turns on their machine when dispensing the dough into the oil! Well, that’s new to me.

The churros itself is crispy and not oily. That’s because they dap the churro carefully on a paper towel before serving it. The outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy, just the way I like it.

Their best-seller is churros with vanilla/banana milk soft serve ice cream ($6.50). If you’re familiar with the famous Korean banana milk, then you’ll love this one like I do. They’re not too sweet and go well together with the banana milk ice cream.

Their drinks though aren’t worth mentioning. McD coffee tastes better and their fizzy drink isn’t that special either.

Churros with soft serve ice cream
They are on their soft opening phase and their grand opening will be on the 18th of Dec where they will have 1-for-1 promo and other exciting activities.

Head to:
📍Mr. Churro – ION Orchard #B4-61
Monday to Friday 10am-10pm
Instagram : MrChurroSG
FB : https://www.facebook.com/MrChurroSG/

This is a media tasting event. All information is correct at the point of writing.


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