[Bugis] J’s Mexican Restaurant

Finally got a chance to visit this Mexican restaurant recommended by my friend. Love the ambience here; dimmed lighting, kinda romantic but colorful. Soft music in the background reminds me of a hotel lounge.


The interior of J’s , colorful yet classy
We tried the paella and chicken fajita. The fajita was served with four toppings; guacamole, cheese, sour cream and tomato salsa. The chicken was well-seasoned, perfectly roasted lending warm and smoky flavor to it. It blended nicely with the four toppings.

Chicken Fajita
The paella, on the other hand was a big disappointment. The paella was served with assortment of different fish (no prawns, which is my favorite 😦 . Although the rice was fluffy and tasty, the rest of the components didn’t work well. I could taste a pretty strong fishy smell when eaten together with the rice.

They have some other interesting appetizers too if you’d like to try.

Here’s the full menu (forgive the shadow):


📍 7 Purvis Street #01-01 Singapore 188586

MRT : Cityhall / Bugis
Refer to their website for opening hours:
FB : https:/www.facebook.com/dineatjs
Instagram : jsrestaurants


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