[Telok Ayer] Folks Collective

It’s been a while since I came to CBD to have lunch. I wanted to try the highly-rated Bacaro &Sons. Unfortunately, they only open at 12. And so we decided to eat at Folks Collective which is one door down.

Looking at the decor, I thought they serve Western cuisine since it looks like a bar with a dining area. Until I saw the Thai characters one one of the paintings. The servers are mostly Thais too.

We tried Pad See Eiw ($12.90++). It is our version of char kway teow but it’s served with other toppings such as chicken or prawns. The noodle was too oily and wasn’t that tasty either. All I could taste was the soy sauce.

The green curry beef ($11.90++) was very spicy. I can’t tolerate spicy food so my mouth was burning in flame when I tried this. Perhaps, this is the choice for you chili lovers…

Besides those, they also serve set lunch. There are many better restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine and this won’t be on my list.

Full menu below:

Folks Collective
China Square, The Vintage Shophouse
20 Cross Street
01-25 China Square Central
Singapore 048422
​Tel: 6536 6739

Website: http://www.folkscollective.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/folkscollective


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