New Hot Pot Catering: Beauty in the Pot


Planning a party at home or just celebrating a friend’s birthday? You can now order from the latest line of Paradise Group catering: Beauty in the Pot. Before this, we had to travel to OneKM to enjoy this (not to mention the queue). They provide everything from utensils, condiments, extra broths and even trash can, gloves, head covers, and aprons!

They offer two types of broths: Beauty Collagen Broth and Spicy Nourishing Broth with Szechuan chili oil. More than six hours of hard work goes the making of the dense and collagen-rich Beauty Collagen Broth, which comprises shark’s cartilage as the main ingredient. With the use of luxurious Chinese herbs including red dates, wolfberries, ginseng, dang gui and dang shen, the Spicy Nourishing Broth with Szechuan chilli oil provides an extra boost of immunity and energy.

We had various meats such as US Wagyu Ribeye, US Angus Prime Short Ribs, US Kurobuta Pork, Sliced Lamb, Sliced Pork Belly, Sliced Chicken Thigh, Gourmet Chicken Sausage, Pork & Chives Dumpling. For the veggies, we had Fried Beancurd Skin, Black Fungus, Assorted Mushrooms, Sliced Winter Melon, Chinese Cabbage, Tang O, La Mian, Glass Noodle. And seafood were fresh too. We had Abalone, Japanese Scallop, Fish Maw, Ebiko Prawn Paste, Fresh Sea Prawns, Japanese Crab Stick, Cuttlefish Ball, Fish Ball, Fried Fish Skin. It’s hard to pick my favorite because everything was superb.

They served everything fresh inside an insulated container. The portions were generous for five persons and we still had a little bit of leftovers.

I’m so impressed with their service too. The service crew was super friendly. He came in early and arranged everything on our table and ran through everything on the menu. When he collected the containers right after we finished, he took the time to get some feedback from us.

$350 ($374.50 w/GST) For 10 pax
$215 ($230.05 w/GST) For 5 pax

$450 ($481.50 w/GST) For 10 pax
$265 ($283.55 w/GST) For 5 pax

$530 ($567.10 w/GST) For 10 pax
$305 ($326.35 w/GST) For 5 pax

For a complete listing of their menu and selections and to order, head to: 


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