[Marina Square] O’Coffee Club All-Day Breakfast

O’Coffee Club first opened its doors in 1991 and has since become a popular destination in Singapore especially for avid coffee drinkers. Currently, O’Coffee Club has 12 stores island wide including their latest store in The Seletar Mall which opened in November 2014.

By the end of 2016, every O’Coffee Club outlet in Singapore would have a trained and certified barista. Besides serving gourmet coffee, O’Coffee Club continually improves their range of food offerings.  In 2016, O’Coffee Club has launched a new range of all-day breakfast items including Waffle Stacker, French Toast, and Egg Benedict, 3-Egg Omelette, Eggs & Toast with Butter & Jam, Croissant and Single Waffle.

A classic breakfast favorite for everyone, the Eggs Benedict ($10.90) features two poached eggs atop a choice of either smoked salmon, ham or Mangalica bacon on ciabatta. A creamy hollandaise sauce are drizzled on the eggs. My personal favorite is the Mangalica bacon. It’s very tasty and goes well with the poached eggs.

If you’re up for something fulfilling, the three-tiered Waffle Stacker ($19.90) is perfect for you. The portion is huge and it’s best for sharing. Scrambled eggs and Mangalica bacon are stuffed in between the waffles and topped with butter. If you prefer some sweetness, you can have a choice of coffee maple syrup or gula Melaka cream or just regular maple syrup. I recommend gula Melaka cream as it’s not so sweet and a little bit salty, perfect to complement savory waffles.

Who doesn’t love a perfect French Toast? For a simple hearty breakfast, this golden brown French Toast ($7.90) will surely satisfy your tummy. It is served with a generous dollop of orange-infuse Mascarpone cheese and a warm bottle of coffee maple syrup to complete this dish. I love how fluffy the toast is and how crispy it is at the same time.

Besides their new breakfast items, you can also revisit some of the old time’s favorites. For something light, get a plate of Classic Caesar Salad with Cheese Crisp with a choice of Chicken Picante or Smoked Salmon ($11.90 / $12.90).

Their Country Pie ($12.90) is as delicious. It is served with chunks of chicken, carrots, onions, garlic and celery in a white sauce topped with mashed potatoes with a side of crispy toasted paprika tortillas

Feeling like eating pasta? Garlic Prawn Pasta ($15.90) is a must. The dish is simple, yet so tantalizing. The prawns were crunchy and juicy. Pesto of basil and coriander added some freshness to the dish.

A meal is never complete without dessert! Indulge in the Muddy Mud Pie ($11.90) which consists of a duo of cappuccino and chocolate ice cream on a chewy cookie and cream base topped off with chocolate sauce and Oreo cookie crumbs. I couldn’t finish it myself as the slice was quite thick, so I recommend sharing this with your co-diner.

A meal is never complete without coffee too! O’Coffee Club’s beans selection currently includes 100% Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain ($14.90), Aged Sumatra Mandheling ($7.90), Kenyan AA ($6.90), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ($6.90) and O’Coffee Club Classic ($5.90), and the latest premium edition Esmeralda Panama Geisha ($14.90).

Besides gourmet coffees, O’Coffee Club also carries its own in-house bottled Ice Cold Brew ($5.90) and Frozen Espresso Latte ($6.40) which comes in the form of a cute polar bear or penguin-shaped espresso ice cube topped with warm milk. I enjoyed gimmicky stuff, but most importantly, the taste has to be good!

*All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars, subject to GST.

O’Coffee Club
Facebook: OCoffeeClub.Singapore
Instagram: @ocoffeeclubsingapore


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