Cocoa Colony Launches New Savory Menu

Cocoa Colony was conceptualised in Singapore with chocolate as its main attraction. Modelled after chocolate cafés found in the Republic of Ecuador, Cocoa Colony has six cafés in Singapore serving up high-quality cocoa beverages, crafted chocolate bars and other chocolate creations. Their flagship outlet is located at 313@Somerset.

We already know that Cocoa Colony serves very good chocolate drinks. You can try a wide range of chocolate drinks such as Amazonian Gold Dark Original (my favorite), Amazonian Gold Hazelnut, Amazonian Gold Dark, Cuba 70%, Venezuela 72% or Santo Domingo 70%. Besides those chocolate drinks, you can also enjoy specialty lattes and refreshing summer coolers.

Adding to their chocolate repertoire, chocolate lovers will be able to enjoy new savory creations such as chocolate sandwiches with fresh fillings (from S$8.90) such as Crab and Prawn with Honey Tomato and Fresh Herbs; and Forest Mushroom with Aged Parmesan and Fresh Parsley.

Other new menu include a range of sweet and savoury Colony Waffles (from $10.50), featuring Truffle Forest Mushroom and Wild Rocket; Sous Vide Chicken with Basil Pesto, Pine Nuts & Brie Cheese; Coconut Ice Cream with Gula Melaka Drizzle; and the Ultimate Chocolate Waffle with generous scoops of chocolate ice cream drizzled with molten chocolate sauce. My favorite has to be the Coconut Ice Cream with Gula Melaka Drizzle.

Also among Cocoa Colony’s hottest selling treats are the luxurious, rich and delicious signature cakes (from $$8.50), among which include the Black Velvet; Chocolate Orange Salted Caramel; Amazonian Gold (Chocotorta) and Caramelised Banana Tart.

For your little ones, get them some Marshmallow Pop which is marshmallow shaped in popsicles and covered in chocolate.

For those who likes to enjoy chocolate in its purest form, you can enjoy Cocoa Colony’s chocolate bars (S$7.50) with flavours such as sea salt caramel, matcha ganache and salted egg yolk.

Visit today to try their creations!


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