[Clarke Quay] Maziga Indian Bar & Grill

The newly opened Maziga Indian Bar & Grill, at The Cannery (Clarke Quay) is the first Indian cafe concept in Singapore. The word “maziga” refers to “cooking in traditional earthen pots”. The restaurant boasts a delightful modern Indian street food menu, elevated to restaurant-quality food.

Under the guidance of Executive Chef Javed Ahmed  who is also the head chef at Punjab Grill in Marina Bay Sands, Maziga’s offerings include some of the tastiest, extravagant Indian dishes in Singapore such as Tandoori Soya Glazed Lamb Chop (inspired by Chef Javed’s northern Indian hometown of Dehradun); Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Tandoor Smoked Apple Salad (providing shades of Goan flavours); Crispy Masala Pasta (a favourite from the streets of Delhi); and Crispy Yam Chaat (from the historic Uttar Pradesh city of Lucknow).

maziga  lamb ribs
Sweet and Sour Glazed Tandori Jerky Lamb Ribs
maziga tapas
Tandoor Smoked Apple Salad
Mumbai Chowpatty Beach Ragda Pattie

Each dish is uniquely crafted and creatively plated, some we have not seen before, such as this Old Delhi Golgappa Chaat with Chilied Jaljeera Oxide ($12.90++). Presented on chairs? Really? We love it.

Care to try some fusion food on their menu? You might want to try this Amritsar Fish and Chips ($9.50++). Delicious, pocket friendly, and served in a wooden boat. What more can you ask?

Maziga singapore
Amritsar Fish and Chips
maziga burger
Lamb Galouti Kebab in Maska Pav
indian pizza maziga
Naan Pizza

When the time came to choosing the best dish, we all agreed that this Red Snapper ($20.50++) was the best dish. Wrapped in fragrant banana leaves and drenched in rich coconut milk, this is a must!

Maziga also offers a wide selection of cocktails, all with Indian touch. They are very refreshing and unique. Perhaps after one sip or two, you can go upstairs to party where the Maziga club is located.

Maziga Grill and Bar
3C River Valley Road, The Cannery @ Clarke Quay
#01-10 and 02-03.
Singapore 179022

Website: www.maziga.com.sg
Facebook: mazigacafe
Instagram: maziga_sing

Open daily from 12pm to 1am.
Reservations: 62537307


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