[Telok Ayer] A Taste of Fine Thai at Cha Thai

Using recipes passed down from one generation to another, the founder of Cha Thai, Permsiri Sirijindapan, or as known as Leah, works her magic in the kitchen. Leah’s culinary passion brought her to master culinary in France and Thailand, which explains a perfect marriage between the East and West on her dishes.

Most of us thinks that authentic Thai food is linked to cheap Thai street food. Cha Thai is here to debunk this myth. Only using the freshest, premium quality ingredients, customers can expect the best of Fine Thai Food experience.

Besides serving in large portions, Leah also insists on great quality ingredients. That’s why their seafood is sourced locally from their own kelongs. Meat is sous vide to achieve tenderness. Dips, curries, pastes, sauces, gravy, beverages are all made from scratch.

Cha Thai’s Signatures

During the tasting, we honestly can’t pick our favorite because everything was great and tasty. Here are some of their signature dishes:

Creamy Crab Roll ($15++) – deep dried spring roll sticks served with crab cream sauce made of finger roots herbs, and the fragrance of the crab cream sauce tastes like Thai laksa in a creamy state. I don’t know which is more addictive, the spring roll sticks or the crab cream sauce that is full of crab in every mouthful.

Crispy Prawn Cake ($15++) – deep fried thick juicy prawn cakes made with tiger prawns (not the usual shrimps used by many), served with sweet plum sauce. This is made from real prawn I tell you! Unlike some other establishments that mix lots of flour with very little prawn.

Signature Tiger Prawn ‘Panang’ Curry ($28++) – Thai saffron curry with tiger prawns and juicy sweet lychees, glazed with coconut cream. This is a must-try here. The coconut cream is thick and the lychee provides some tanginess to cut through the rich coconut cream.

Sauteed Kai Lan with Roasted Pork ($16) – stir fry baby kai lan with sous vide roasted pork, garlic and oyster sauce.

Their Pad Thai ($22) is served with plump, juicy prawns that makes you wanting for more. I can’t remember when was the last time I had pad thai served with big plump prawns. Oh wait, maybe never!

If you’re looking to savour a bowl of heart-warming goodness, you can try their Boat Noodles ($18++). With flavourful soup base and tender beef meatballs, this dish will make your tummy happy!

One dish that impressed us the most was this Premium Giant Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles ($159++) for 4 pax. Just look at the gigantic size of the prawns. They’re as big as my palm. They also offer the regular Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles at $55, also for 4 pax.

End your meal with Thai desserts that we’re all familiar with such as Red Ruby/Emerald Jade Pandan ($8++), Summer Potato ($8++), Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly ($8++) and everyone’s favorite: Tropical Paradise which is mango sticky rice with ice-cream ($12++)

If you are looking for a cosy, fine Thai restaurant with awesome food, Cha Thai is definitely the place!

Cha Thai
80 Telok Ayer Street #01-01 Singapore 048466
Tel: 6636 3696
Website: www.chathaisg.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chathaisg
Instagram: www.instagram.com/chathaisg





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