[South Beach] The Armoury

A hidden gem at the South Beach Quarters, The Armoury, has such extensive offerings. Chef Ben combines traditional European and Asian flavors with cutting edge culinary techniques in sophisticated dishes. The menu includes brunch, European main cuisines and tapas. They also have  wine selections, beer infused cocktails, and 10 different types of craft beers.

When I said “hidden gem”, it’s literally hidden as the entrance to this restaurant isn’t very obvious. It’s located opposite Vatos Urban Tacos. Look for their signage if you plan to visit here. It might be useful.

Last week, we had a chance to try their Brunch menu. We were quite impressed by the dishes. One of them worth mentioning was their Ume Soba ($20++) accompanied by dashi broth (served on the side), pork belly, 62 deg C egg, mushrooms and micro greens. Honestly, when the chef recommended this dish I wasn’t quite sure about it. Ordering Japanese dish at a Western restaurant, hmmm… it didn’t sound right. Obviously, I was wrong.

Ume Soba The Armoury
Ume Soba

I loved how light the broth was but it’s still full-packed of flavours. But the star of the dish was definitely the pork belly. Crispy on the outside, tender and soft on the inside.

Another dish that we tried was their Mentai Ravioli ($25++), another East meets West creation. It was as good. The pasta was executed to perfection and the filling was tasty. But the portion was too little for me, I wish there were more.

The Armoury Brunch
Mentai Ravioli

If you prefer something sweet for your brunch, you can try their Ricotta Hotcake ($18++). This hotcake is served with half poached pear, honeycomb, orange caramel and topped with coconut ice cream. I highly recommend this one. The hotcakes were really fluffy like pillows. All of other elements on the plate complemented the hotcakes very well. I’d definitely come back just for this.

Hotcake The Armoury
Ricotta Hotcake

Another diners’ favorite here is this Berry Ricotta Hotcake served with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, yuzu gel and cream cheese. Expect something denser, with similar texture of a pound cake. I personally think that this is more suitable for tea time than brunch. Pair this with a cup of coffee from Yellow Cup Coffee to cut through the sweetness of the cake.

Hotcake Brunch The Armoury
Berry Ricotta Hotcake

Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience. Here’s a snapshot of their Brunch menu if you need some ideas on what they have to offer. They have a different dinner menu so you might want to check with them first.

The Armoury 
36 Beach Road Singapore
Ph: 63853173

Facebook: SBQ.Armoury
Instagram: @thearmourysg


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