Brotzeit Germanic Christmas Traditions

Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner will surprise guests at Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant this Christmas with some of the veteran chef’s most treasured Germanic recipes. He returns to his roots of Germanic cooking to share the region’s diverse cuisine culture and heritage with diners across Asia and the Pacific.

What is Christmas without Christmas Roast? Chef Ranner revives his roasting techniques for a traditional Fröhliche (Merry) Christmas meal.

Crispy Pork Belly Roulade ($32), first infused with winter-time herbs then slow-roasted to achieve succulent layers of meat and fat, topped off with irresistibly crisp crackling skin. Paired with creamy potato gratin, roasted vegetables and then drizzled with a beer-infused sauce.


Braised Duck and Cranberry Sauce ($32), savoury and sweet slow-roasted braised duck served with crunchy red cabbage and potato dumplings rolled in almond slivers.

Braised Duck in Cranberry Sauce.jpg

Other must-haves include a Seafood Medley ($25) — appetizer of smoked trout, salmon gravlax, anchovies and prawns with caramelized lemon, horseradish cream and pickled olives and slow-braised Veal Shank ($36) with truffle mash potatoes and a generous serve of veal jus.


For a favourite on Brotzeit’s festive menu, savour a tender cut of juicy Venison Steak ($42) paired with tasty almond-potato dumplings and bacon-wrapped asparagus spears.


And for those who want it all, there is Brotzeit’s Christmas Sharing Platter ($118) combing the signature Roast Pork Knuckle, a selection of Veal and Venison Sausages, Roast Pork Roulade and Veal Shank, with ample sides of seasonal vegetables, mash potato and dumplings to satisfy a group of 4 persons and above.

X'mas Platter.jpg

Chef Ranner’s Christmas specialties extend to dessert as well, bringing diners in Singapore a chance to discover a typical festive market treat of warm, crisp Choco Drizzled Waffles ($12) with walnut ice cream, plum sauce and a drizzling of decadent molten chocolate. Have this with a glass of Brotzeit’s homemade Gluehwein ($12) – a mulled wine spiced with cinnamon, oranges and cloves, for a truly German Christmas flavour.


Newly on-board with Brotzeit, Chef Ranner has over 30 years of management experience across Europe, China, Thailand and Singapore. Chef Ranner’s illustrious career has seen him take charge of culinary operations in five-star hotels and catering for over 40 airlines and airport lounges, garnering him an ‘Executive Chef of the Year’ Award in 2009 as recognition of his contribution to the industry.

*Pictures courtesy of Brotzeit


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