[Bugis] Sunday Brunch at Joo Bar

Some of you might not like the idea of having fusion food, but if it’s done well, it’s totally worth it. Joo Bar’s new Sunday brunch menu is one of the example. Combining elements from different parts of the world, Joo Bar brings you a little bit of everything. Loving the names they give to their dishes as well. It’s so punny and creative!

Joo Bar Sunday Brunch Menu
Joo Bar Sunday Brunch Menu

Two of my favorite sides were Broc and Roe ($14++) and Porktatoes ($12++). I mean, who doesn’t love roes when it’s generously poured into a bed of fresh broccoli? Even those who do not like broccoli would love this too. Not to mention, they mixed some cheese with the roes.

Broc and Roe
Broc and Roe

Another addictive side I had there was the Porktatoes. As the name suggests, it’s potatoes fried in mangalitsa pork fats. Oh my, so sinful but yet so good. I love how crispy the skin was, covered in bits and pieces of salty pork fats and anchovy emulsion.


Kimchi lovers should try their Kimchi Fries (S$12++). Topped with mozzarella and kimchi bolognaise, it would be a crowd’s favorite.

Kimchi Fries
Kimchi Fries

Two other sides that we tried were Kauli-Pop (S$12++) and Holy Shiitake (S$12++).


As for the mains, one of them worth mentioning was their Life’s A Beach (S$24++). It’s salmon cooked sous-vide, served with kaizo seaweed, spinach puree, mixed nuts and ikura. This was super tender and literally melted in my mouth. I love anything sous-vide because it can transform meat or fish into tender, juicy flesh that can’t be achieved by other cooking methods.

Life’s a Beach

What’s Korean food without some Korean fried chicken? But wait, this time, it’s not Korean Fried Chicken but Burmese Fried Chicken, B.F.C (S$22++) . It tasted exactly the same as Korean fried chicken. I think the difference lies within the sauce which has Burmese flavours in it.


Fans of beef tartare, you can try their Hakuna Moo-Tartare (S$18++). It’s Korean beef tartare, served with egg, sesame oil, garlic, pear and cucumber. You can mix and match the sauce to your liking.

Hakuna Moo-Tartare

Other mains that you can try include Peking Fire Quacker (S$22++), Something About Mary (S$26++), Bull-gogi Ssam ($26++) and Pig Bang (S$26++). 

Bull-gogi Ssam

Peking Fire Quacker is smoked duck breast, hoisin sauce, five spice powder, flour crepe. I’m not a fan of this. I’d rather go for traditional Peking Duck.

Something About Mary might be something that a lamb lover would like. It wasn’t too gamey because they marinated it well. Eat it with some somtam to cut through the richness of the lamb. And I love their crispy rice cake too.

Something About Mary

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188094
Phone: +65 8138 1628
This Sunday Brunch is available every Sundays from 12-4PM
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joobarsg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joobarsg/



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