[Deliveroo] “Get Trout N About” Promotion

“Get Trout N About” is the latest promotion by Deliveroo Singapore where you can enjoy seafood galore with sets for two or more from all parts of Singapore on Deliveroo. Keep an eye out for Sebastian (crab emoji) for the participating outlets such as Yaowarat Seafood, Fish & Co., Greenwood Fish Market, etc. from the 20th of March to 3rd of April.

Deliveroo Singapore

For lunch today, I ordered mine from Fish & Co. I chose Grilled Fish Bundle for 2 pax totaling S$32.10. It includes 2 main dishes, 1 starter, and 2 canned drinks. For the fish, you can choose  either two from White Fish with Ebiko Gratin, Peri Peri Catch or White Fish with Pesto Parmesan. And for the starter you can choose either Crispy White Baits, Prawn Fritters, Crispy Fish Skin, Soft Shell Crab or Fish Nuggets.

For the mains, I had White Fish with Ebiko Gratin and Peri Peri Catch. Grilled fish can easily become too dry. That wasn’t the case here, my fish was grilled to perfection and kept lovely and moist. The gratin on top of the fish was very crunchy and added some texture to the dish. The mashed potatoes were a welcome alternative to the typical greasy chips – I’m sure my waistline will thank me! Adding raisins to the butter rice was a nice touch. The raisins added a touch of sweetness to the dish and paired well with the fish.

While the Ebiko Gratin was savory, Peri Peri Catch was on the spicier side. Peri peri sauce on the fish brightened up the whole dish, bringing a little spice – but not too much. Serving it with butter rice provided a little sweetness to cut through the spice of the Peri Peri sauce. A simple, well-executed, and balanced dish, I must say. It came with creamy cheesy sauce as well.

The crispy white baits surprisingly stayed crispy throughout my meal. This was a lovely companion to the fish and chips. Fried food is always the best and it’s so addictive.

The order was placed via Deliveroo and it was delivered right on time. All the food were packed nicely in boxes. Also, the delivery guy was friendly. It’s a perfect choice when I’m lazy to go out or just too busy to queue for my food.

From now til’ the 3rd of April, new users can enjoy enjoy two free deliveries by keying in the promo code GETTROUT.


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