South Beach Avenue Dining Guide

South Beach Avenue is the latest swanky destination for dining, nightlife, and beauty. Occupying 32,000 sq ft area, the South Beach complex is conveniently connected to Esplanade and City Hall MRT interchanges. South Beach Avenue is part of South Beach which includes South Beach Tower, South Beach Residences and JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach.

Let’s see what food options we have here:

Dimbulah Coffee
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm

Supplying Arabica beans from their own plantation, Australian coffee chain Dimbulah Coffee is famous for its coffees. The characteristics of this bean is a chocolaty caramel body with a long finish on the palate. They also make its pastries in-house. Tucked at the corner of South Beach Avenue with al-fresco seating, this cafe is perfect to relax after a hectic day.

What to try:

  1. Downunder slices ($2.50) – Derived from the owner’s family recipes, the fudge-like slices come in various flavours including coffee macadamia and white chocolate.
  2. Lamingtons ($3.50) – Quintessentially Australian, these pillowy lamingtons come in raspberry and chocolate coated in desiccated coconut.
  3. Dimbulah Affogato ($5.90) – A shot of Dimbulah espresso topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.
  4. Dimbulah Piccolo ($4.50) – A ristretto shot of Dimbulah coffee with warm milk in a 100ml cup.
  5. Dimbulah Flat White ($5.50) – An espresso shot with steamed milk for a velvety consistency. Price range from $2.30 to $6.50

Quaich Bar
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 5pm to 1am, Fri-Sat 5pm to 2am
Tel: 6386 5366 |

Established in 2006, Quaich Bar was the first dedicated whisky bar in Singapore. They carry more than 500 different labels – 95 percent of them being Scottish. Quaich Bar is perfect for whisky connoisseurs and collectors. Quaich Bar was also awarded the “Great Whisky Bar of the World” accolade by the international Whisky Magazine and “Top 10 Best Unique Bars” by Epicure magazine.

What to try:

  1. Flavours of Single Malt tasting set. Try this sampling set to experience the spectrum of whisky flavours. Price ranges from S$45 for 4 tasting portions.
  2. Kilkerran 2006 Calvados Cask bottled exclusively for Singapore.
  3. Cadenhead Bowmore 12 years old bottled exclusively for Quaich Bar.
    Price range of whisky by the glass – S$17 to S$416

Price range of whisky by the bottle – $200 to $32,000

Lady M
Mon-Sun 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6386 4365 |

We are all familiar with the famous Lady M and its mille crepes. Combining French pastry techniques with Japanese precision, this is a to-go place for sweet tooth.

What to try:

  1. Passionfruit Mille Crepes ($9.50)
    Thin handmade crepes layered with light pastry cream and caramelised on top until golden with passionfruit puree. This is a seasonal special available from Apr to May 2017.
  2. Yuzu Cheesecake ($9)
    Cream cheese infused with yuzu peel and puree set atop an airy vanilla sponge cake. This seasonal special makes its first debut in Singapore and is available from Mar-Apr 2017.. Price ranges from S$8.50 to S$9.50 before GST

Mon-Sun 11am to 11pm
Tel: 6386 6306 |

With its first flagship outlet in 1992, Harry’s has come a long way. With 19 outlets in CBDs and sub urban areas, this chic bar and dining destination is popular to many sports fanatics and families.

What to try:

  1. Harry’s Signature Wings ($13 for 6 pieces, $19 for 10 pieces)
    An all-time favourite of crispy wings dressed with a house blend of spices.
  2. Harry’s Jazz Burger ($19.90)
    A hearty angus beef patty layered with crispy bacon, beetroot relish, field mushrooms, greens, cheese and topped with jalapeno cheese sauce.
  3. Mushroom & Truffle Oil Flatbread ($23.90)
    An aromatic and scrumptious treat of crisp flatbread with garlic mayonnaise and a dash of truffle oil.
  4. Harry’s Premium Lager ($7 for half pint, $12 for full pint)
    A crisp and refreshing lager best known for its floral hoppiness.
  5. Harry’s 1992 ($16)
    A signature concoction to commemorating Harry’s heritage, it features a bright vodka-based cocktail with notes of lychee, grapefruit and lime.
  6. Bank Breaker ($16 for a shot, $60 for a tray of 6)
    A deceptively sweet but potent shot of muskmelon liqueur with whisky and soda. Price ranges from $8 to $22

Alchemist Beer Lab
Mon-Thu 12pm to 12am, Fri and Eve of PH 12pm to 1am, Saturdays 4pm to 1am
Tel: 6386 4365 |

Alchemist beer lab is the first beer infusion bar in Asia with 16 infusion towers. The optimal flavour extraction results in unique craft brews. Executive Chef John Edwards has crafted Modern- European tapas-style menu to accompany the drinks. He has over 20 years of experience working in Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore.

What to try:

  1. Falafel ($15)
    Five generous fried falafel balls with smoked eggplant, paprika yoghurt, pickled red onions, mint and black olive oil.
  2. Charcuterie ($18 small, $28 large)
    Made in-house, this value-for-money platter features Iberico sausage, San Daniel prosciutto, chicken and black truffle ballotine, and duck liver parfait with calvados jelly.
  3. Ale Battered Sea Bass ($15.90)
    A luscious local sea bass fried in a light ale batter paired with duck-fat chips and homemade tartar sauce with capers.
  4. Obama ($12 for happy hour, $15 after happy hour)
    Little Island Black Magic stout with toasted marshmallows, vanilla pods and mint leaves, this dark and creamy brew has a touch of smoky sweetness.
  5. 50 Shades of Pink ($12 for happy hour, $15 after happy hour)
    A cider with pink guava for a pleasant tang.
  6. Passionista ($12 for happy hour, $15 after happy hour)
    A tropical cider with passionfruit and duku with a refreshing finish.

Caffe Vergnano 1882
Mon-Fri 8am to 9pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 6pm
Tel: 6385 5579 |

Caffe Vergnano 1882 is Italy’s oldest family-owned coffee roaster and was established in 1882. Caffe Vergnano 1882 in Singapore imports all its products direct from Italy. The cafe also holds coffee workshops in Accademia Vergnano. Those of you interested in latte art, manual brewing and espresso making workshops can enquire at the store.

What to try:

  1. Caffe Gianduja ($6 hot, $7 cold)
    Originated from Turin, it features hot chocolate and espresso topped with whipped cream.
  2. Cioccolata ($5.50 hot, $6 cold)
    Rich Italian Hot Chocolate for chocolate lovers.
  3. Espresso Shakerato ($5.50)
    Mocktail comprises a shot of premium Italian espresso lightly sweetened with syrup and shaken with ice and capped with foam.

Real Food
Mon-Sun 10am to 9pm
Tel: 6384 2206 |

As the name suggests, you can find all kinds of healthy food here. Serving organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes, all are free from processed ingredients, preservatives and trans-fat.

What to try:

  1. Dumplings ($9.80 for eight)
    Signature dumplings fried to a golden crisp or freshly steamed; drizzled with organic sesame oil and tamari.
  2. Baked Stuffed Portobello ($11.80)
    A generous battered Portobello mushroom seasoned with herbs, stacked with fresh greens and organic vegan mayonnaise. A spicy option and a non-vegan option with mozzarella or cheddar cheese is also available.
  3. Curry Soup Noodles ($12.80)
    Homemade curry with oat milk and extra virgin organic coconut oil served with spinach noodles and assorted vegetables. Options with garlic and non-vegan hard-boiled egg available.

Black Cow 
Mon-Sat 12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm, Wed 12pm to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Tel: 6386 6720 |

This Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant focuses on Japanese Wagyu beef – Matsusaka and Kagoshima. They also have an extensive range of premium sake, shochu and bespoke cocktails.

#B1-21 | Tue-Fri 9am to 10pm, Sat 11am to 10pm, Sun 11am to 5pm
Tel: 6384 1878 |

This modern Australian restaurant brings global flavours and classic favourites to its tables. Expect fresh pasta dishes, burgers, seared and grilled meats. Menu differs depending whether it’s lunch or dinner or weekends.

What to try:

  1. Spanish Polpo ($17)
    Pan-seared octopus with lemongrass and spicy apple slaw.
  2. Iberico Pork ($32)
    Spiced Iberico pork rib in a fermented garlic glaze served with oven-baked Brussels sprouts and celeriac puree.
  3. Homemade Cavatelli Pasta ($25)
    Homemade pasta with broken pork sausages, red wine braised octopus, and fennel seeds in a tomato sauce topped with Parmesan.
  4. Chocolate Semifreddo ($13)
    72 percent Venezuelan chocolate semifreddo, bitter chocolate mousse, cocoa nibs and milk chocolate crunchy sponge. The dish is complete with a wafer finished with olive oil, Maldon salt and pink pepper.
  5. Coconut Mascarpone Cream ($13)
    Rich coconut and gula melaka infused jelly coconut mascarpone cream, topped with butterscotch ice and chocolate crumble.
  6. Molten Milk Chocolate ($13)
    Molten milk chocolate cake with coffee caramel topped with vanilla gelato and lemon zest.

Mon-Sat 11.30am to 10pm
Tel: 6581 0085 |

Atmastel – Cucina Italiana, is a modern casual Italian restaurant helmed by Chef Andrea Tarini. She has crafted the menu using only the freshest ingredients, ranging from San Marzano tomatoes, San Daniele ham, to fresh burrata and mozzarella air-flown weekly from Italy. You can see the chefs in action in this open-concept kitchen that includes a pizza bakery, Crudo (cold cuts and cheese), drinks bar and retail section with over 70 varieties of artisanal cold cuts, cheeses, wines and condiments.

What to try:

  1. Zuppa di Pesce ($68 for two)
    Seafood stew of red snapper, molluscs and shellfish.
  2. Black Ink Seafood Tagliolini ($34)
    Freshly made squid ink pasta in a seafood stock.
  3. Black Truffle Pizza ($48)
    Generous slices of whole Italian black truffle, fresh burrata and Grana Padano cheese, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Nutella Pillow ($22)
    Puff pastry pillow with Nutella, sprinkled with chopped almonds, raspberries, topped vanilla ice cream and mint.
  5. Tiramisu ($14.90)
    A traditional tiramisu with chocolate salt and frozen espresso blocks.
  6. Passionfruit Creme Brulee ($12.90)
    Creme brulee with fresh passionfruit and mango granita topped with chocolate soil.

Mon-Sat 11am to 9pm
Tel: 9111 1245 |

Fasta stands for fast pasta. True to its name, its concept is fresh, fun and fusion. Every dish features unique sauces and dressings accompanied by a variety of seafood and meat toppings. For a marginal price, you can also add on more toppings or pasta.

What to try:

  1. Scallop Wallop ($16)
    Chopped bacon and crab meat tossed in a flavourful house sauce, served with seared Hokkaido scallops.
  2. Tuna Poke ($14)
    Slices of seared tuna tataki garnished with a pepper mix, marinated cherry tomatoes and corn atop al dente pasta.
  3. Siow Ba Mee ($13)
    Caramelised pork belly served with aglio olio-style pasta with a hint of yuzu dressing.

South Beach Quarter – Heritage building under South Beach Avenue

The Armoury
Mon-Thu 9am to 11pm, Fri 9am to 1am, Sat 10am to 1am, Sun 10am to 11pm
Tel: 6385 3173 |

Housed within the beautiful conservation building that was formerly the military armoury of Beach Road Military camp, The Armoury offers mix of Singaporean, classic European and Japanese cuisine. They also serve eight international craft beers and five branded beers on tap.

What to try:

  1. Lobster Satay Capellini ($29.50)
    Capellini pasta tossed in a peanut sauce with cuttlefish and beansprouts topped with half a grilled lobster and a side of papadum.
  2. Royal Armoury Burger ($19)
    200g charcoal grilled wagyu beef patty with onion jam, gruyere, maple glazed bacon, lettuce and sliced tomato in between brioche buns. It is served with a basket of fries.
  3. Pork Belly Confit ($15)
    Skewers of crispy pork belly with cubed watermelon topped with chopped hazelnuts.
  4. Rogue Hazelnut Brown ($10 for half pint, $16 for full pint)
    A rich nutty beer with an aroma of hazelnut and a smooth malty finish.
  5. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA ($10 for half pint, $18 for full pint)
    Fresh citrus hops with a sweet malt finish.
  6. Maisel Landbier Lager ($10 for half pint, $15 for full pint)
    A light, earthy lager.

Vatos Urban Tacos
Mon-Thu 11.30am to 11pm, Fri-Sat 11.30am to 1am
Tel: 6385 6010/6385 6970 |

One of Korea’s hottest restaurants, their menu is influenced by the Mexican street tacos combined with home-cooked classic Korean dishes. CNN named Vatos the ‘Hottest New Restaurant in Seoul’ and The Daily Meal chose Vatos as one of the ’10 Best American Restaurants Outside of the States’. They also have an express outlet at Timbre+.

What to try:

  1. Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($18)
    Seasoned French fries smothered in braised pork carnitas, sauteed kimchi and melted cheese. Topped with cilantro lime crema, Vatos hot sauce, fresh cilantro and onion.
  2. Honey Tequila Chicken Wings ($18)
    Korean-style chicken wings coated in a sweet and spicy honey tequila sauce. Served with deep-friend masa-battered jalapenos and blue cheese dipping sauce.
  3. Galbi Short Rib Tacos ($13 for two, $18 for three)
    Marinated short ribs with spicy ssamjang aioli, Asian slaw, cilantro, chopped onions and toasted sesame seeds.
  4. Vatos-ritas ($29)
    Margaritas and beer.
  5. Makgeolitas ($26)
    Tequila meets makgeolli (a Korean rice alcohol); sweet and tangy cocktail.


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