[Mercure Bugis] Song Garden Chinese Restaurant

This stylish Cantonese restaurant located in the heart of Bugis, has a capacity of 120 seats. Officially opened in December 2016, it occupies almost the entire floor of Level Two of Mercure Singapore Bugis Hotel.

Song Garden has a total of seven private rooms. The interior is classy, with attention to details such as gold-accented upholstery, dark wooden chairs, and statement Chinese wall art pieces.

Song Garden  Chinese Restaurant - Private Dining Room - 25 pax.jpg

The largest private room also has the largest table in Singapore that can seat 18-25 guests. The table is so huge (approximately 2.5m in diameter) that the rotation can be controlled by using a remote control.

Helmed by the Executive Chef Wong Shea Nung and Executive Dim Sum Chef Leung Chi Man, Song Garden Chinese Restaurant has an extensive array of Cantonese dishes, including more than 30 dim sum items. The restaurant also serves almost 50 labels of Old and New World wines, curated by Alson Ho, their resident sommelier.

Some highlights of their dishes:

Dim Sum

Pan-Seared Otah Siew Mai on Skewers ($6++ for four)

Innovative twist of our local favorite dish, this siew mai is filled with spicy mackerel otah paste and chunky prawns. The dumplings are steamed and pan-seared before served on skewers.

Steamed Cheong-fun with Fresh Prawn ($6++ per serving)

This could be my favorite dim sum dishes here. The roll is filled with crispy prawns and wrapped in paper-thin rice sheets that are made in-house daily. Served with signature soya sauce poured over the rolls, it’s a perfect complement to this dish.

Appetiser and Soup

Chilled Five-Spice Foie Gras with Blueberry Compote ($26.80++ per serving)

If it’s not treated well, foie gras could be very greasy, but this is not the case. The foie gras is soaked for three days in a homemade sauce and then cubed upon ordering. Served chilled with blueberry compote, it’s a clever way to cut the richness of this pâté.

Lobster with Pumpkin Purée in hot stone pot ( $28++ per person)

Served in a hot stone pot, this pumpkin broth tasted light and sweet. The broth is flavoured with lobster stock and thickened with slow-cooked shark cartilage and fish maw. It’s served with a black garlic bread stick. I loved the bread stick as it was so crispy yet soft. Dip it in the broth to soak up all the goodness in the broth.

Signature Roast Chicken on Bed of Beancurd Skin ($25++ half bird/ $50 whole bird)

This was one of my favorite dishes here. The chicken was thinly sliced and roasted perfectly. Accompanied with minced chicken meat on a homemade pancake, it was truly a simple, but delightful dish. The sweet bean sauce added flavours to the chicken and the crispy beancurd skin added some crunchiness to this dish.

Meats and Seafood

Lamb Rack Stuffed with Diced Fish in feather light batter ($22++ per person)

Song Garden Chinese Restaurant - Lamb stuffed with diced cod

I thought this was a unique dish. Diced fish is cooked with mushrooms and spring onions before it is stuffed in the lamb cutlet. The lamb is then served with honey-black pepper sauce. I didn’t find this gamey at all due to the generous amount of black pepper they used in this dish.

Mentaiko Cod Fillet ($19.80++ per person)

Nothing can go wrong with this combo. The cod was fresh and flaky and the mentaiko was creamy and sweet. This was definitely my favorite among all of the dishes I tried. And, a tuille of dried white bait was a pleasing surprise.


Braised Pre-Seared Vermicelli with Shredded Fish in Silken Egg White ($24++)

Covered with egg white, you’d be surprised that when you dig into this, it’s actually vermicelli. What I liked about this dish was that it tasted like home; comfort food that you’d love to indulge in. Add in a dash vinegar and white pepper to complement.


From Double-boiled supreme bird’s nest with rock sugar, Steamed mashed taro with pumpkin puree served in young coconut to Chilled Avocado cream topped with coffee ice-cream, you’ll be spoilt of choices.  If you can’t make up your mind, you can get this Combination of fresh fruit, light and fluffy coconut parfait, mango pudding and plum and osmanthus jelly ($13.80++ per person).





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