[Bugis] Candour Coffee x Japanese Bowls by Boru Boru

Occupying the same space as Candour Coffee, this lunch-only pop-up concept serves Classic & Contemporary Japanese bowls. To ensure its freshness, ingredients such as salmon, tuna, and ebi are air-flown from Japan few times weekly.

Currently it’s only opened for lunch between 11.30am to 2.30pm on weekdays. The price is pocket-friendly too. Nothing is above S$20. I guess this is the most affordable place to have Japanese bowls in town without having to compromise on the quality.

You can choose among the classic favorites like Chirashi don with various toppings such as salmon, tuna, ebi, tako, tobiko, roes, etc. They use fragrant Niigata rice as the base.

If you prefer something cooked and more contemporary, you can opt for Truffle Somen or 48-deg Salmon Boru with Triple Egg.

The Truffle Somen ($13.90) tasted fresh and fragrant, something you would expect from a cold somen. I loved how fresh the toppings were.

48-deg Salmon Boru with Triple Egg ($16.90) was my personal favorite. Imagine onsen egg oozing on your rice, mixed with slices of aburi salmon. So heavenly!

When you’re here, don’t forget to try their seasonal bowl. This time we had Shiro Maguro Boru with Onsen Egg ($14.90). This was good too.

Check out the full menu below:

Boru Boru Menu

After filling your stomach with all the Japanese goodness, you can also sip a cup of coffee or even tea, prepared by Candour Coffee. They have various options to choose from.

Candour Coffee MenuCandour Coffee Menu

One of them that stood out was their Irish Coffee, black coffee spiked with Irish whiskey (S$8). Who doesn’t like some extra kick?

You can also try their desserts. What I meant by dessert was these cute matcha latte tarts (4 pcs for S$10). The matcha was thick and very good. Perfect to go with the crunchy tarts.

Boru Boru x Candour Coffee
41 Beach Road
Singapore 189680

Instagram/Facebook: @boruborusg


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